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“FC Osaka” is a professional football club which sets its goal to become the third J Club from Osaka. The Biobank has supported FC Osaka since 2012 as a main sponsor. In 2014, the team was proudly promoted to JFL and our support to the team continues to achieve their goal on promotion to J3. We not only support the team as a sponsor but also held the dietary seminar for the players to have better understanding of nutrition. We also give advice on their food by our administrative dietitian to strengthen their condition. With this useful experience and knowledge we got from the practice of the nourishment instruction to such professional athletes, we give advice to the children of local soccer school and their parents by way of food education seminars. And through those actions, we have started educational activities of food, sports and building up their bodies.

Bulletin on the sponsorship with FC Osaka
FC Osaka has been promoted to JFL
FC OSAKA won the first prize in the “50th All Japan Senior Football Championship”
Seminar on nutrition held for players in FC Osaka team

Date 2013/04/15

Seminar on nutrition held for players in FC Osaka team

We held a seminar on nutrition to Japanese football club players in FC Osaka team for a better understanding of nutrition. Starting from now, the Registered Dietitian at our group company will be involved in nutritional management of FC Osaka team.

On the day of the seminar, attendees varied in their experiences such as one with more than 10 years of career and the other on his first year. So, their knowledge on diet differed respectively. As it is very important to know how to intake nutrients before and after the game or during the game, we designed this seminar for them to establish a foundation on the knowledge of nutrition.


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Last updated 2019/12/25


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