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We held a seminar of dietary education for children in Fukushima!

Date 2014/06/01

We held a seminar of dietary education for children in Fukushima!

We conducted a seminar directed at children in the fifth and sixth grades at an elementary school in Fukushima.

A given topic was “A diet for overcoming radiation”. We had been worried until the day how we should educate it to the children living in Fukushima and bearing the future.

In spite of our worry, it made us very happy when we heard that on the next day of the seminar, they cleared their plate at school lunch and had some conversations on ingredients of school lunch such as “This is what makes our body. It’s called FAT.”

In addition, we received a comment from their parents that “my kid had never listened to me in the past, but after listening Dr. Takahata’s lecture, for the first time he said he would try to eat anything if he likes it or not.” It made me almost cry when I heard this story. We will continue this sort of activities so that we make a contribution in the reconstruction aid and the creation of our future.


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