Our support for a Para athlete

We Biobank sponsor the athletic activities of Mr. Hitoshi Matsunaga, an Okayama resident Para athlete. Mr. Matsunaga competed as a member of the national team that participated in Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro. He is now in training aiming for his next chance in Tokyo. Mr. Matsunaga also deploys various efforts to deliver the joy and greatness in playing sports to disabled children and adults. We are also determined to work toward our mission to deliver the pleasure of eating and playing sports together with Mr. Matsunaga’s inexhaustible passion.

*Official supporters group website of Mr. Matsunaga, a wheelchair racer based in Okayama and a member of the national team that participated in Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro.

Attended the report meeting of the world tournament 2019
The athletes of the GROP SINCERITE WORLD-AC visited us
We support Para athletes !

Date 2019/03/11

We support Para athletes !

Mr. Hitoshi Matsunaga is a Para athlete in Okayama who has participated at worldwide competitions, and a member of Japanese team that participated in Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, he is active and getting ready for his chances in Tokyo.

He has selected and added our OM-X product for his daily physical conditioning.

From this year, Biobank Co., Ltd will support all athletes of the GROP SINCERITE WORLD-AC (World Athlete Club) where Mr. Matsunaga is also a member.

Team mates of Mr. Matsunaga, like Mr. Tomoki Sato has won gold medals at a world tournamentand holds world records, and Mr.Tomoki Ikoma holds a national record.

We will share with them the slogan of the WORLD-AC as "Okayama to the World!!", and transmit the greatness of parasports while contributing to local communities through activities with parasports.

Mr. Matsunaga visited us.
We attended the report meeting of the world tournament 2017
Attending the report meeting in Okayama after Rio de Janeiro
Mr. Matsunaga was selected as a member of the Japan national team for Rio de Janeiro!
Giving a dietary counseling to a wheelchair marathon relay team in Okayama
At the stadium in London to cheer for a Para athlete !

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