The potential to alleviate fatigue! OM-X was found to have an enhancing effect towards muscle endurance. (Collaborative research with Kinki University).

Date 2015/03/26

The potential to alleviate fatigue! The fermented vegetable extract OM-X was found to have an enhancing effect towards muscle endurance.

A research group led by instructor Tomohiro Ito Ph.D. from the Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Agriculture at Kinki University (Nara, Japan) and BIOBANK CO.,LTD. (Okayama, Japan) have conducted a collaborative research. We found out that the fermented vegetable extract (product name: OM-X) that is a combination of fruits and vegetables naturally fermented with probiotic strains can facilitate the alleviation of fatigue and the improvement of muscle endurance.

<Major findings of the study>

ž   Anti-fatigue action in mice was observed after the administration of the fermented vegetable extract OM-X.

ž   The following effects were observed in mice: an acceleration of lipid metabolism, suppression of intravital oxidative damage and an enhanced degradation of the substances causing fatigue.

ž   This allows the possibility of a future application of this extract to foods and supplements with an anti-fatigue capability.


BIOBANK CO.,LTD. manufactures OM-X which is a combination of vegetables, fruits, seaweeds and mushrooms lengthy fermented with probiotic strains, and sales the final encapsulated product around the world.

A research group led by Dr. Ito conducted a forced swimming test with mice anticipating to observe a highly antioxidant property of OM-X and its effect on fatigue induced from oxidative stress which was corresponding to the result of a questionnaire to OM-X users whom commented that they felt less fatigued after the ingestion of OM-X.

The result of the test suggested that the mice that were administered OM-X showed about twofold longer duration of their swimming time than the other group without OM-X. The serum and lipid component concentration in their liver (cholesterols, triglycerides and phospholipids) were reduced. The gene expression that is involved in the production of a particular enzyme that acts in the ornithine cycle which metabolizes ammonia, a substance causing mice’s fatigue, was also increased. The current result encourages us to expect OM-X to be helpful in reducing fatigue and improving athletic ability.

On the basis of these results, we deemed the mice with OM-X administration could reduce their accumulated fatigue which in turn extends the duration of their exercise. This achievement shows that OM-X is a helpful food/material to alleviate fatigue and improve athletic ability.

<Future development>

60% of the working population in Japan is aware of the feeling of fatigue. Half of them are suffering from chronic fatigue (ongoing fatigue over 6 months) (2). Many studies about fatigue relaxation have been ongoing. Some studies suggested that natural ingredients such as imidazolepeptide in chicken breast and astaxanthin in fish meat are helpful to soothe one’s fatigue (3,4).

The development of foods and supplements with an anti-fatigue capability is expected in the future, which are based on observed properties to facilitate the improvement of athletic ability (muscle endurance) and metabolic function and detoxification in the liver.


1)    J Functional Foods. 10, p117-127 (2014)

2)    Health sciences research project subsidized by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Report of research achievement in 1999. p19-44

3)    Japanese Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 6, p123–129 (2009)

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<Introduction of instructor Tomohiro Ito Ph.D.>

Name: Tomohiro Ito

Affiliation: Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Agriculture at Kinki University               


1998: Graduated from National Fisheries University

2011- Present: Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Agriculture at Kinki University as an instructor


Biobank researches and develops health foods, cosmetic products and other products using only natural ingredients including lactic acid bacteria.

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