Bokkei Bokujo

BOKKEI BOKUJO is a mixed feed registered as category-A-feed that is made from 100 % vegetable ingredients fermented by probiotic strains. 

To bring this product to completion, we added selected probiotic strains to the ingredients like molasses, rice bran, rape cake, soybean cake, concentrated soy protein and others for its fermentation. The fermented extract made with our own probiotic strains helps to improve the intestinal environment of livestock, enhance the digestion and absorption of nutrients which can be expected to contribute to livestock’s weight gain, and increase animals’ appetite. 

BOKKEI BOKUJO is a mixed feed registered as category-A-feed that can be available for chicken, cattle, swine and fish. Its addition to feed mixtures in percentages ranging from 0.1 to 1.0 percent enhances feed absorption and facilitates the maintenance of livestock health.


This feed cannot be used for other purposes than those livestock described above. You should follow related laws and regulations in your country for importing and selling this product.

The features of BOKKEI BOKUJO

The following benefits are expected from use of BOKKEI BOKUJO:

  • Weight gain of livestock
  • Decrease in death rate of baby chicks
  • Improvement in feed conversion ratio

Category-A-feed: Feedstuff and its raw materials that are intended to be fed or potentially be fed to ruminants (cattle, sheep, goat and deer) and handled in a manner to prevent intermixing of any animal-derived proteins or related materials. Category-A-feed unlike the other feeds under different categories can be given to chickens and swine.

Chugoku Shikoku College of Dairy Farming 

This public institution is located in the Hiruzen highland in Okayama Prefecture, Japan and was established in November, 1965 by a total of ten prefectures in western Japan for the purpose of training capable successors of dairy farmers who have corporate management skills well-adapted to the modernization of Japan’s agriculture. They add BOKKEI BOKUJO to milk for suckler calves in order to support their health control.

  • Testimonials from BOKKEI BOKUJO users

                A feedback of BOKKEI BOKUJO from Koumoto Breeding Farm

                A feedback of BOKKEI BOKUJO from Ogawa Breeding Farm

                A feedback of BOKKEI BOKUJO from Chugoku Shikoku College of Dairy Farming    

  • Click here to see the study on the effectiveness of BOKKEI BOKUJO


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