BIOBANK presents a new conceptual framework about our collagen drink. Our Enzyme & Collagen combines the fermented vegetable extract OM-X, high quality collagens and SAKURA EXTRACT. 

Collagen selected for our Enzyme & Collagen is the quality water-soluble low-molecular-weight fish collagen extracted from scales and skins of fish. One tube (20 ml) contains high level of collagen as much as 7,750mg. Of that, 500 mg is even lower molecular-weighted collagen called collagen tripeptide which has excellent absorbency. 

Collagen has a valuable role in keeping the skin beautiful. It makes up approx. 30% of the whole-body protein content, and forms skin, bones and blood vessels. Unfortunately, collagen production decreases by age. The collagen volume in the body of a 40 year-old person, for instance, is reduced to only about 70% of that of a person in the 20’s.

Orally consumed collagens cannot serve as collagens in our skin as they are. However, collagens are composed of particular kinds of amino acids (e.g. Hydroxyproline), and these can be a source for the collagens that are synthesized within the body. Moreover, the molecular size of collagen tripeptide is small and is easily absorbed into the body. Properly absorbed collagens are expected to work more effectively in the body.

One tube of Enzyme & Collagen contains 7,750mg of fish collagen and collagen tripeptide. The selected quality collagens in type I, II, and III in our formula enhance your youthfulness and healthy daily life.

Even if we take a great amount of collagen of high quality, the beauty of skin could not be achieved unless it is absorbed into the body. In order to enhance the absorption ability of the body, the fermented vegetable extract OM-X is added to this product. 

In addition, our Enzyme & Collagen is enriched with 150 mg of SAKURA EXTRACT that protects collagen within our body. SAKURA, or cherry blossoms, often represents beauty of Japan.

Taking the collagen from an outside source is not enough, and it needs to be protected inside our body. Functional components e.g. Caffeoyl glucose and Quercetin glucoside contained in cherry blossoms provide protection to collagen. 

Also added to our Enzyme & Collagen are many other ingredients that our body often lacks but are essential for keeping moisture and enhancing our youthfulness.

Fermented vegetable extract OM-X

This is a combination of botanical ingredients naturally fermented with a mix of 12 kinds of probiotic strains for 5 years.


Caffeoyl glucose and Quercetin glucoside contained in cherry blossoms are functional components that provide superior protection to collagen.

Hyaluronic acid

A moisture-retaining ingredient. One gram of hyaluronic acid stores 6 liters of water.

Vitamin C

This performs an important role in the synthesis of collagen within the body.

Royal jelly

An ingredient with many nutrients essential for health.


A moisture retaining ingredient that supports fresh and youthful skin.


An ingredient that integrates with collagen to support your beauty.


Biobank researches and develops health foods, cosmetic products and other products using only natural ingredients including lactic acid bacteria.

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