Customer Feedback on OM-X and OHHIRA-KO

Customer Feedback on OM-X and OHHIRA-KO

*Stay in Healthy while Traveling Abroad 

Recently, I often go on a trip to foreign countries. At the beginning, neither food nor water agreed with me and I fell sick frequently. Consequently, my holiday was sometimes spoiled because I needed to be bedridden during the trip. However, after I started taking OM-X every day, I never get sick during my trip. I can energetically walk around the tourist attractions even after the long flight. Now, I cannot wait to go for another trip and enjoy planning my next trip. (Female in her 80’s in Okayama)

*I can Fully Enjoy My Hobbies Now. 

I didn’t really have health troubles before, but my friend recommended me to take OM-X and since I started taking it, it’s been so easy to wake up. Especially, when I drink river water during doing wakeboard, which is my hobby, I used to feel sick the following day but not anymore. I can enjoy my hobby as much as I want. (Male in his 50’s in Okayama, a company executive)

*Feel Great

By comparison of my health condition, Ithink that I get sick less frequently since I started taking OM-X. (Female in her 30’s in Ehime)

*Thanks to OM-X, I Feel Good

I work from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday I have farm work at my house. Due to my age, it was getting hard to work so hard. At such time, my friend recommended me to take OM-X. Sometimes I forgot to take it at the beginning, and because of that, it took me time to notice the difference. One day I realized that I felt somehow good. Since then, I cannot live without it. (Female in her 50’s in Hiroshima)

*I Feel Less Tired

I feel less tired because I keep consuming OM-X about 5 capsules per day. (Male in his 60’s)

*I Can Work Harder than My Coworkers

I work as a nurse, but fatigue does not remain till next day. Even if my coworkers and doctors get sick, I am the only one who is energetic. (Female in her 50’s) 

*I Hardly Go to See a Doctor

I used to get various diseases and it was so troublesome. It has been 5 years since I started taking OM-X, and now I hardly go to see a doctor. (Female in her 40’s)

*I Can Perform Important Jobs without Troubles 

My stomach condition calmed down when I take OM-X. Therefore, I am able to perform important jobs without stomach troubles. (Male in his 20’s)

*Obtain Satisfactory Results

Since taking OM-X, my condition has been good. Thanks to OM-X, I could establish my position in the first team and leave good records and results. (Male in his 20’s)

*I Cannot Believe How Much I Used To Suffer

I used to have terrible hay fever, but now I don’t. I almost cannot believe I don’t have any symptoms anymore. (Female in her 40’s)

*I Don’t Have Rough Skin

I was troubled with eczema around my mouth and on my face. However, since I started taking OM-X, my physical condition has been improved. Now, I do not feel uneasy to my skin problems. (Male in his 20’s)

*Every day I Have Pleasantly Smooth Defecation 

I used to be constipated and had hard feces. Now I have smooth defecation and feel great every morning. (Female in her 30’s)

*This customer feedbacks were given by those who actually used OM-X and OHHIRA-KO  Therefore these would not state its efficacy. Impressions from use of the product are different from individual to individual.


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