Customer Feedback of OM-X Soap

Customer Feedback of OM-X Soap

I felt free from stickiness and tenseness of the skin and my makeup stayed on well. (Ms. F)
I wanted to buy something good for skin because I am suffering atopic dermatitis, it does not hurt even I put it on after I scratched. (Ms. A)
No stretched feeling after cleaning of the face. (Ms. K)
I don’t need cleansing cream to wipe off my makeup and my skin condition is fabulous as if I went to Spa. I have not had any pimples since I started using OM-X Soap. (Ms. A)
I am satisfied because I feel refreshed but certainly can keep moist skin and its good scent. (Ms. Aoki from Kanagawa Prefecture) 
My son had been suffered from acnes but after he used it he said “I feel it wipes off my skin oil well” and has used happily since then. (Ms. Yamamoto from Oita Prefecture)
After I used OM-X Soap I realized the moisture on my skin and I could refresh as well. My husband has atopic dermatitis on his arms but it seems getting better. (Ms. Ohtani from Fukuoka Prefecture)
I was quite impressed because my rough hands became smooth ( Ms. Tachitani from Okayama Prefecture)
My dried skin turned silky. I was surprised how OM-X Soap removes keratin and made my skin tone lighter. (Ms. Mimura from Shizuoka Prefecture)

*These customer feedbacks were given by those who actually used OM-X Soap. Therefore these statements do not guarantee the efficacy of the product. Impressions of use are different from individual to individual.


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