A feedback about BOKKEI BOKUJO from Ogawa Breeding Farm

A feedback about BOKKEI BOKUJO from Ogawa Breeding Farm

We had an interview with Mr. Ogawa of Ogawa Breeding Farm where the artificial nursing was first introduced in Okayama prefecture. Mr. Ogawa takes a leadership role with a high reputation among Wagyu producer group.    

The first thing I noticed was that my calves were having diarrhea less frequently after I started to use the BOKKEI BOKUJO.

I add 10ml of BOKKEI BOKUJO to their milk every feeding time. 10ml is actually a little bit more than the recommended dosage, but I found that this amount is effective for my calves and we now have less chances of calling our veterinarian for calves’ diarrhea problems.

I also lay weight on early shifting from milk to a concentrated feed while they are in suckling period. Since using the BOKKEI BOKUJO, the timing of shifting to the concentrated feed became earlier than before. This may be because the calves’ intestinal balances were regulated to be ready to receive the concentrated feed. 


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