A feedback about BOKKEI BOKUJO from Koumoto Breeding Farm

A feedback about BOKKEI BOKUJO from Koumoto Breeding Farm

We visited Koumoto breeding farm where they have been using our BOKKEI BOKUJO product, a mixed feed made from 100 % vegetable ingredients fermented by probiotic strains, for raising calves of Wagyu! Mr. Shinji Koumoto is involved in breeding and raising calves. His calves are sold by auction and shipped throughout Japan.

He greatly concentrates on health management of his calves in their delicate period. “Calves are usually sold by auction when they are about 8 months old,” Mr.Koumoto said. “My mission is to raise them healthy excluding any disease until the auction. Since Wagyu cattle are physically fragile compared to dairy cattle, they can easily manifest diarrhea. They also catch a cold just like humans. We need to provide a special care from newborn calves to 3 months old. ” His talk struck us home with how much attention he is concentrating on his calves.

“If Wagyu cattle manifest diarrhea when they are still calves, they would not grow large.” Mr.Koumoto said. “Consequently, we could not get a good price during auction. Since I started to use the BOKKEI BOKUJO, my calves grow relatively large and their prices are getting stabilized. Recently, we have less chances of receiving a consultation with our veterinarian.” We were so happy to see that he was satisfied with our product.


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