Mr. Kimiyasu Kudo (Baseball commentator)

How I came across “OM-X” and its functionalities

You have been taking our "OM-X" over 15 years, but how did you first encounter "OM-X" and decide to take it? How did it work for you?

Mr. Kudo I don’t remember exactly how, but I believe this product was recommended when I was asking for advice from a nutrition professional about my diet. When I started taking it, I realized that I felt good. I used to feel my stomach heavy after meals, but it disappeared when I started taking “OM-X” after meals.

Also, if I take it when I feel weary, I feel my body is lighter, I mean I don’t have to drag my body to do things like I used to. Even my bowel movement was improved.

I don’t get the muscle ache anymore after the training as long as I regularly take the capsules. I have a problem with my back and feel heavy around my waist when my body accumulates fatigue. Taking this during voluntary workout or training camp helps me wake up refreshed on the following morning. It just gets rid of my tiredness. I feel refreshed after getting massage treatments, but the freshness I get from taking the OM-X is different. It is not easy to get rid of the back pain by receiving massage, but “the OM-X” before bed time regulates my body and I can perform well again by next morning.

Fatigue left inside the body is prone to affect internal organs. In order to look after our internal organs, we have to let them rest just like we sleep. That’s why we have to first get rid of the fatigue and have healthy organs capable of nutritional absorption while reducing the amount of food we eat. We need to strengthen our internal organs just like we train our body to get strength.

Then, my wife extended her thoughts on what are important for our body to properly function. Among countless nutrition, say what amend our body while we sleep? What works best to enhance the functions of our intestinal organs? What helps the food we consume to be better absorbed as an energy source? What improves our ability to recover?

And she finally found her way to “OM-X”.

I started understanding how enzymes actually work inside our body e.g. they help the absorption of nutrients, work on good and bad bacteria in the intestine to regulate their balance, improve the intestinal functions to quickly get rid of fecal impaction that accumulates when our body feels fatigued.

The roles of enzymes also include amending the damaged parts of the body while we are asleep; as you may know, our muscle becomes larger by being fixed during our sleep. As I continued my study on how enzymes are needed in human body in seeking the information to help my career in baseball, I realized how important our internal organs are.

I assume all of us have troubles like getting easily exhausted in summertime or not being able to exert full strength due to stomach ache. We all experience how we feel energy welling up and even the spirit uplifted when the internal organs are healthy. Regardless of whether you are an athlete or not, it is crucial to keep our inner parts healthy. It is not training or being an athlete that maintains our health, but it is the healthy insides that make us healthy. 

Mr. Kudo's children also take "OM-X"

Your children also take OM-X, right?

Mr. Kudo Yes. I tell them to take them more capsules when they are having a stomach ache or coming down with a cold. Then, even if they do catch a cold, the symptom doesn’t get as serious. They used to have a high fever or even a seizure and we often run into a hospital, but it doesn’t get as severe anymore. Although we don’t know exactly how our inside has changed or how the mechanism works, me and my family try to maintain our health or not to get sick by taking “OM-X”.

Since both my son and daughter play sports, we make sure they take the product.

I have five children and they all take capsules. 

They don’t seem to care for the paste type very much, but I actually prefer the paste. It is yummy!

We are impressed by you and your wife’s tireless curiosity and inquiring mind

Mr. Kudo  I didn’t find it so effective when we first started taking “OM-X”. I think my wife started studying more about it after we came to know “OM-X”. We want to know exactly what we drink or eat before giving it to our own kids, right? As a parent, I want to be sure about what we give our children by first trying it ourselves and being certain about it. Even though we don’t know the details of how it works, we should at least know the basic roles of enzymes in our body. It’s our responsibility as parents. 

Synthetic vs Natural supplements

Do you take any other supplements other than the "OM-X"?

Mr. Kudo Not really. Though I do drink smoothies that my wife makes

with tomatoes, apples, carrots etc.

Not even vitamins?

Mr. Kudo Those made synthetically through chemical processes are also

called vitamins. For example, “OM-X” has 3 year product or 5 year product. I know fermentation period makes huge difference e.g. between one and two years. What we have to know is that the reason the real stuff cannot be mass produced is because it takes time and effort. There is a huge difference between those produced with much care and time and those chemically synthesized product. If you can’t see the difference, all the products look the same to you.

It is really hard to find the vegetables grown without any pesticide or chemical fertilizers. We would probably end up eating nothing if we try to avoid everything that is harmful to our body. So, what we can do is not to accumulate the bad stuff in our body and maintain the good condition by taking the product like “OM-X”. Of course, relying on “OM-X” wouldn’t fix all the problems we have, though.

This is also inspired by my wife but I’m interested in how our body is mended during our sleep and the role of enzymes in the event. I imagine the reason Japanese started eating Miso soup or soy sauce is because we have less enzymes in our body. Each country have own fermented food and we Japanese have our own fermentation technique. And the technique must have been born in a particular way that is suitable to Japan’s climate. When you go to the countryside, we see those old houses with storehouses at the back of the house where catches the sun and they make fermented products like miso and soy sauce.

Recently, most of miso products we find are produced in less than one month, for example. It is rare that we find miso made taking more than a year. They are usually mass produced for business. The approval standards are also set mainly based on the rules of food poisoning.

When it comes to eating or taking supplements, I value the quality of the product, when and how I put it into my body. 


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