Dr.Takahata’s book is now available at stores

Date 2015/02/19

The key to achieve health and longevity is boosting the enzymatic property in the gut!

Muneaki Takahata Ph.D. (Agriculture), our doctoral research fellow, has released his book from Kodansha Plus Alpha Shinsho.

The title is “Enzymes in the gut keep dementia and cancer away (literal translation to English)”.

Recent years, the intestinal environment of Japanese has continued to deteriorate and the number of patients with bowel cancer has increased. Bowel cancer became the number one cause of cancer related death among females, and the number three among males. There are many other current diseases associated with the intestines, including allergic reactions, atopic dermatitis, osteoporosis, systemic cancer, depression and dementia. 70% of immune cells are present in the intestines and the enzymes that exist there can activate them. This book introduces you a way to increase the enzymes in your intestines from various aspects.


Chapter1: The key to achieve youth and health is in enzymes produced by good bacteria 

Chapter2: Diseases including cancers are triggered by the deterioration of the intestinal environment 

Chapter3: Prevention to aging lies in the enzymes that exist in the intestines

Chapter4: Depression and dementia are reversible with the enzymes that exist in the intestines

Chapter5: Bring solutions to current intestinal conditions! A questionnaire to determine your intestine’s type

Chapter6: Q&A how to increase the competence of your enzymes in the intestines 

Published by Kodansha Plus Alpha Shinsho

Release date: February 20, 2015

Retail price: JPY 907 (incl. tax)

Orders are accepted on Amazon.co.jp



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