Privacy Policy

BIOBANK CO., LTD. ("BIOBANK") respects the privacy of its visitors to this web site operated by BIOBANK (“the BIOBANK site”) and understands the importance of their individual information (personally identifiable information such as customer’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.). We handle customers’ personal information with special care. The following outlines our privacy policy at the BIOBANK site.

Collection of Personal Information

 The BIOBANK site may ask customers of their personal information in aim to provide them better service when we receive inquiries and feedback, or when we ask them to respond to the questionnaires. We only collect information that we consider necessary for customers to use the service of the BIOBANK site.

Use of Personal Information

 BIOBANK will never use entrusted personal information and access information beyond the purpose of use without obtaining a prior consent from the relevant customer. Access information collected will exclusively be used by us for maintenance of the website and analysis of website usage to provide better service.

Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information

 Personal information acquired at the BIOBANK site will never be provided or disclosed to any third party unless agreed to by customers or stipulated by law. However, we may outsource production and management of the website to a company we deem trustworthy. In such case, we sign confidentiality agreements in advance and protect users’ personal information.

Protection of Personal Information

 The BIOBANK site has implemented strict security measures in order to protect loss, misuse and alteration of personal information under its management. Personal information is stored under safe environment that general users are not able to access. On the occasion of sending customers’ personal information, we use industry-standard SSL encryption to protect data transfer.

Reference, Alteration, Deletion of Personal Information, and Cancellation of Using our Service

 BIOBANK will, based on the provisions of the related laws or regulations, immediately respond to customers’ request such as to review, alter or delete entrusted personal information or cancel using our service after confirming their identity.

Protection of Personal Information at Website Linked from the BIOBANK Site

 The BIOBANK site may make links to the third party’s website. However, BIOBANK accepts no responsibility to handle customers’ personal information they transmit to the third party’s website. Please use the linked website at your own responsibility.

Sharing of Personal Information

BIOBANK CO., LTD. shares personal information submitted from customers with OM-X, CO., LTD. and CAMELLIA CO., LTD. as follows:

1. Targeted customers

Customers who purchased from BIOBANK, inquired BIOBANK and accessed the BIOBANK site.

2. Items on personal information

Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, user ID, purchase record and other information BIOBANK holds.

3. Affiliate companies to share information with


4. Purpose of use

To provide customers with products and services of the affiliate companies or to provide them with various suggestions.

5. Company in charge of joint use



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