3 Bio-approaches contained in “OM-X”

3 Bio-approaches contained in “OM-X”

Make our microbiota healthy with the diverse power of lactic acid bacteria

Fermented vegetable extract “OM-X” contains various nutritional substances and can be an optimum nutritional source for gut microbiota that produces enzymes in the intestine. The functions of “OM-X” fall into 3 broad categories: “Probiotics”, “Prebiotics”, and “Biogenics”.

 Following in a long line of fermentation techniques in Japan, OM-X contains various nutritional properties that grow beneficial bacteria to improve our gut environment while controlling the adverse effect of harmful bacteria. In our intestine, gut microbiota support our health by producing a wide variety of enzymes. “OM-X” becomes an optimum nutritional source for microbiota for its roles in increasing friendly bacteria and in turn raising the effects of enzymes in the intestine.                                                            

 We can therefore say that all three benefits of probiotics, prebiotics and biogenics are contained in one capsule of “OM-X”.


Friendly bacteria including lactic acid bacteria that we consume alive from outside the body and provide beneficial effects

 Probiotics are “Friendly bacteria including lactic acid bacteria that we consume alive from outside the body and provide beneficial effects”. However, the term “Lactic Acid Bacteria” includes various kinds of bacteria that reside in different regions across the body. This fact makes the effect from consumption of a single kind of lactic acid bacteria restrictive. “OM-X” uses 12 strains of lactic acid bacteria as starters. Considering the differences in all functionalities, we take advantage of 3 types of probiotic bacteria. “OM-X” also uses a proprietary strain “Lactic acid bacteria TH10” discovered by Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira. “TH10 strain” has been shown in research performances internationally over the last 20 years. Supported by numerous research papers demonstrating its effectiveness, TH10 is a highly functional strain with immune strength, fermentative activity and very high antibacterial activity. 


Food substances that grow friendly bacteria residing in your stomach

When we try to improve our gut environment, consuming lactic acid bacteria from an outside source is just not enough. What we need to know is the importance of “Prebiotics”. Prebiotics means food substances that nourish our own beneficial bacteria we were born with. Prebiotics are not bacteria but are “feed” for bacteria. Examples of known prebiotics are dietary fiber or oligosaccharide, but it requires numerous different types of feed for our microbiota to work in good harmony. 

A maximum 92 kinds of plant ingredients used in “OM-X” provide various kinds of dietary fibers and oligosaccharides. Furthermore, materials of plant origins and fermentation generate amino acids, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols or micronutrients and also lead microbiota to maintain a proper balance.


Newly produced useful components produced by enzymatic power of microorganisms through fermentation of plant ingredients

 When plants are fermented, enzymatic power of microorganisms produces various useful components. These metabolic productions by microorganisms like lactic acid bacteria are called “Biogenics”. Dead bacteria accumulated during fermentation are also known as a type of biogenics as they act directly on intestinal immunity. Also, short-chain fatty acid like lactic acid, acetate and butyrate are called organic acid, and help improve the balance of microbiota by keeping the gut environment acidic and controlling the growth of harmful bacteria. Also, the brown pigment, aka “Melanoidin”, produced through long-term unheated fermentation is a functional substance with numerous benefits including antioxidant action and ACE inhibitory activity (an indicator for inhibitory action of increase in high blood pressure).    


Biobank researches and develops health foods, cosmetic products and other products using only natural ingredients including lactic acid bacteria.

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