We held seminars on “Immunity enhancement” and “Gut environment in the prenatal period”

Date 2023/05/10

We held seminars on “Immunity enhancement” and “Gut environment in the prenatal period”

Upon the request by Luvtelli Tokyo& NewYork., our postdoctoral fellow Mr. Takahata held seminars in November, 2022 and March, 2023 in Tokyo.


The topics were “Health Literacy and immune-boosting measures by age groups during the coronavirus pandemic” in November and “The destiny of gut microbiota starts prenatally for the next generation” in March attended by more than 100 people in each face-to-face and online seminars.


When we talk about our health, our gut environment and the gut microbiota condition cannot be separated from the topic. We will continue our efforts to deliver important knowledge to the wide public.


*For requesting a lecture, please contact to us via “Contact Us” page on our website.



Note) Luvtelli Tokyo& NewYork. is a nonprofit organization established in 2009 by Momo Hosokawa with the circle of specialists in Japan and the U.S. The purpose of the organization is to promote the health of women and next generations as part of her efforts in promoting preventive care.



Biobank researches and develops health foods, cosmetic products and other products using only natural ingredients including lactic acid bacteria.

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