Annual global meeting

Biobank holds annual conferences with the distributors from all around the world. We have presentations about our latest research and information on newly released products. Furthermore, our overseas distributors give presentations on their business and sales activities. We are business partners yet value our family-like relationships and share a wonderful time together as if it is the annual family reunion.

2019 Annual Global Meeting
2018 Annual Global Meeting
2017 Annual Global Meeting

Date 2017/08/01

2017 Annual Global Meeting was held in Canada

2017 Annual Global Meeting was held with distributors who are marketing our OM-X all around the world. This year, the meeting took place in Vancouver, Canada for one week in May.

New product introduction, promotional activities in Japan and latest study results were reported as information-sharing to distributers.

We are determined to continuously work hard in cooperation with the distributers and make collective and concerted efforts to market the products.    

2016 Annual Global Meeting
2015 Annual Global Meeting
2014 annual global meeting in Nagoya, Japan
2013 annual global meeting in Vienna, Austria

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Last updated 2022/11/30


Biobank researches and develops health foods, cosmetic products and other products using only natural ingredients including lactic acid bacteria.

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