Customer Feedback of MAGOROKU

Customer Feedback of MAGOROKU

My darkening of the pores has faded. (S.O)
The cream settled the hot sensation from sunburn. (M.T)
My grandchild’s dried skin improved. (S.A)
I like it because it spreads smoothly and is not greasy after I applied it. (Y.Y)
After I wash my face, I put a generous amount of Magoroku and cover my face with steamed towel. Then I get smooth skin. (H.N)
It cured my wound. (K.N)
Whenever I use it as a primer, I can finish my makeup more beautifully. 
When I put the product on my mosquito bites, it just gets rid of the itch quickly and leaves no marks. (T.Y)
When I applied Magoroku on the red spot of my skin, it took only one day to make it go. (A.T)
At night, I wash my face and take a bath while having a good amount of Magoroku on my face. Then my skin becomes firm and moist next morning. (S.I)
My husband gets rough and chapped hands every winter due to his job. So, he puts plenty of Magoroku on and wears cotton gloves before he goes to bed. Then his hands turn to be moist and even cured if the chaps are not so serious. Magoroku neither hurts cracks nor smells bad, so it is easy to use. 

*This customer feedbacks were given by those who actually used Magoroku. Therefore these would not state its efficacy. Impressions from use of the product are different from individual to individual.


Biobank researches and develops health foods, cosmetic products and other products using only natural ingredients including lactic acid bacteria.

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